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Allen J. Pemberton
Managing Partner
5669 W. 11th Place
Ferndale, WA 98248

Prior to founding Pemberton Consulting, LLC, Allen J. Pemberton worked for four Fortune 500 companies. His experience reflects both operating and staff duties encompassing all phases of an organization’s operation. During his tenure he demonstrated his ability to work with a variety of staff and line functions to produce effective results for the operations involved. As Managing Partner of Pemberton Consulting, LLC, he is responsible for all aspects of the consulting services provided. His business experience spans thirty years of management and systems experience. During that time he has worked for four Fortune 500 companies, starting as a management trainee in manufacturing and working up to Director of Information Systems for a major subsidiary of a $19 billion food manufacturer. In his various roles he has had an opportunity to observe and participate in a wide variety of management styles and organizational structures. Since 1985,

Allen has owned and operated Pemberton Consulting, LLC, a Management Consulting firm located in Bellingham, Washington. During that time he has developed a client base representing a wide spectrum of businesses and disciplines including both public and private sector. His clients include a wide range of businesses including legal, medical, city and county governments, land development, public housing, public warehousing, food processing and retail grocery.