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Pemberton Consulting has provided management  services support to a variety of public and private firms since 1985. Included are law and medical offices, municipal government and government agencies, land development company, public housing authority, public warehousing and retail grocery.


  1. An organization has three types of assets; people, things and knowledge. These need to be protected and fostered equally to bring the greatest benefit to the organization and best return on investments.
  2. An organization's knowledge and information is critical to its success in today’s business environment and it needs to protect foster and documented that knowledge and information to insure its success.
  3. Knowledge is an economic asset and, as such, is treated with the same management priority and emphasis as any other corporate asset. Technology is a tool, and only a tool, to be applied by management to assist in meeting the corporate goals as outlined by executive management.
  4. The success of any planning, system selection or implementation project depends on the personal involvement of management and staff that will directly and indirectly benefit from the system.
  5. To grow and prosper it is critical that an organization properly establish goals and objectives to meet market and competitive needs. Further, every effort must be made to match information requirements to the organization’s goals and objectives.
  6. In our global economy, the integration of information technology into an organization’s infrastructure is critical to the success of an organization.