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Letters of Recommendation & References

Cascade DAFO, Inc.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“I have had the privilege of working with Al on numerous occasions over the past twenty. He has always been a pleasure to work with and his vast knowledge has helped us accomplish great results!”

Bill Weymer
President and CEO

“I had the privilege to work with Al through several years of major projects. SharePoint, CRM and ERP to name a few. Al is a professional all the way. He is relentlessly focused on results and is unafraid to tackle the unknown. As a practiced trainer he relates well to technology users. Al considers technical barriers a personal challenge and it is rare for him to be unable to conquer them in short order.”

Jon Nichols
Director Information Services, Cascade Dafo

City of Bellingham

I highly recommend Allen Pemberton as a management consultant. In particular, Allen brings a comprehensive management perspective to the application of technology to the achievement of business goals.

Allen worked for me as a management consultant on a project to reorganize, redirect, and revitalize the City’s Information Services Division. While there were certainly technical problems to be dealt with, the primary challenges involved the management of people and processes whose focus were technology. Allen has a unique ability to bridge the managerial and the technical and ensure that technical excitement does not distract an organization from its fundamental business goals.

Allen’s work was excellent and I was thoroughly satisfied with the accomplishments of our project. I recommend him without reservation.

Peter R. Lieurance
Administrative Services Director

Thrifty Food Stores

I have had the privilege of working with Al Pemberton over the last several years at Consumers Choice, Inc. During that period Al assisted us with the on-going support of our Management Information Systems and the planning of our future information systems needs.

Al is one of those rare information systems professional who combines great technical knowledge with practical business understand. I have been impressed with his ability to develop solutions to our business problems without spending huge sums of money on hardware and software. Hoe also offers a very practical approach to both short and long term informant systems planning.

William R. Weymer
Director of Operations

Whatcom Memorial, Inc.

This letter is to express my personal appreciation for Allen Pemberton and for the service he provided to my company. Whatcom Memorial is still in the process of trying to complete a planned program of bringing our independently operating six division from manual data management to an integrated computerized system. Al Pemberton was an important part of the first stages of that process.

He completed a comprehensive search and evaluation of available vendors for our industry, and followed through with a recommendation and subsequent technical support as we sought to put the initial stages of hardware and software programs in place.

He was always courteous and made every attempt to be available on a constant basis.

Robert M Moles

Bellingham Cold Storage

This is to confirm our conversation today regarding how we feel about the services that you provided us when we decided to update our order entry system. When the decision was made to computerize the function of preparing bills of lading and shipping orders, your name came up as a possible source of someone who could help us our.

After interviewing you and discovering that you had a background that covered Cold Storage operations I decided to have you come in and survey our company and make recommendations as to what it would take to get the job done. I can honestly say that what Al recommended and was instrumental in accomplishing, turned out to be an excellent solution to our needs. He had the background and feel to know what it would take to make our order entry system the best in the industry.

I would recommend Al to anyone who has a similar situation wants to get the best possible solution in place.

Stewart L. Thomas

Consumers Choice, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Al Pemberton for several years in my capacity as CEO of Consumers Choice, Inc. prior to our merger with Thrifty Foods. Al joined us during a period of rapid growth when our old computer system was unable to meet our information needs. He shepherded us through the planning, procurement, and installation of an entire new system that met our needs very well.

There were several things about working with Al that I particularly appreciated. First, he had and amazing ability to keep sight of the big picture. On many occasions I noticed that he was the person that pulled us back from the technical detail to remind us of larger strategic objectives. Given that he was the most technically proficient in the group that ability was even more impressive.

Secondly, he never tried to impress anyone with his knowledge, or technical jargon, or expertise. He is approachable, humble, and a solid team player. Having worked with a number of technical types, I know that Al’s mixture of technical competence and interpersonal skills is a rare combination.

Finally, I found Al to be a good and trusted friend. I came to depend on his advise and his support and was never disappointed. I felt that he honestly card about me and my team and was committed to us beyond the simple business relationship.

W.A Palmer